Studying with children

Student Services Freiburg assists students with children in various ways from day-care to free meals for children in the Mensa.

Our crèches

Other day-care facilities in Freiburg

Neu: Bund unterstützt eine Corona-Auszeit für Familien

Die Corona-Pandemie hat viele Familien stark belastet. Damit sie sich erholen können, ermöglicht das Bundesfamilienministerium Familien mit kleineren oder mittleren Einkommen oder mit Angehörigen mit einer Behinderung einen kostengünstigen Familienurlaub. Auch für Studierende mit Kind(ern) ist dieses Angebot interessant:  BMFSFJ - Corona-Auszeit für Familien

Unter Weitere Infos hier auf der Seite gibts den Flyer des Programms "Corona-Auszeit für Familien" als Download.

Social networking for student partents

The networking meeting will take place again, more information will follow in mid/end September 2022.

Childcare at the different university locations

Our branches in Offenburg, Furtwangen and Villingen-Schwenningen also offer various options for student partents. You can find more information and helpful links via the individual locations.

In Offenburg, students with children have the opportunity to take advantage of childcare close to the university. The basis for this is an agreement between the university, the Studentenwerk Freiburg and the city of Offenburg, which provides places for students in its municipal district and family centre Uffhofen.

Upon application, the Studierendenwerk subsidises the monthly childcare fee for children under three years of age in the amount of the difference between the Kita contributions of the Uffhofen district centre and the costs of a Kita place in the facilities of the Studierendenwerk in Freiburg. Only students receive this subsidy from the Studierendenwerk!

Applications are accepted by Mrs. Litterst (see box on the right) at the SWFR in Offenburg (B017).

Renate Litterst
Telephone 0781 205-328
E-mail: litterst(at)

The Studierendenwerk cooperates with the Catholic Family Center, the city of Furtwangen and the Hochschule Furtwangen to make it easier for students with children to study. The day care centre offers child care places for children from eight weeks to primary school age.


Frau Katharina Lupfer
Hochschule Furtwangen
Tel. 07723 920-2055
E-mail: lupf(at)

The Studentenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald cooperates with the city of Villingen-Schwenningen to make studying easier for students with children.


Frau Birgit Tabor
Tel. 07720 - 99322 45
E-mail: tabor(at)

Further Offers

Through our babysitter exchange, parents can find suitable babysitters at short notice, quickly, easily and tailored to their individual needs.

Our dining halls are also available for students with children. Those who come to our canteens with children are given high chairs. The cafeteria Rempartstraße and the cafeteria Institutsviertel have beautifully designed children's areas for eating, playing and relaxing.

Living with children is possible in the Studentensiedlung am Seepark in Freiburg. For student families, the student settlement offers 54 two- and three-room apartments.

In addition, we offer further assistance for families. For help of all kinds, the social counselling service of the Studentenwerk is available in a personal consultation hour. They advise in financial, legal and social questions.

A number of financial aids are available for pregnant students and studying parents. Therefore, it is recommended to get in touch with the social counselling service of the Studierendenwerk or one of numerous other counselling services (PRO FAMILIA, Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen etc.).

For children aged between 1 and 3 years the Studierendenwerk offers a total of 100 childcare places in its two day-care centers (morning, afternoon and full-day childcare). The daycare facilities are located in the Glacisweg 3 (close to the University) and in the Kunzenweg 17 (PH-Campus). They are not exclusively open to children of studying parents. However, priority is given to children of parents who are currently attending University or undergoing vocational training.

The Studierendenwerk Freiburg also has the right to occupy ten full-day childcare places in the “Kita Wolkengarten” (Campus Flugplatz). Children as young as three months of age are admitted here.

15 children aged between 18 months and 6 years are cared for in the “Kita-Miteinander” at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences. Further information can be found at

Addresses of additional nurseries, day-care centers and kindergartens in Freiburg can be found on the website of the city of Freiburg.

Alternatively, childcare provided by nannies is also available. The TagesmütterVerein Freiburg offers “a qualified, flexible childcare service that is tailored to the actual needs”. For this purpose, women and men who are interested in child care are recruited, trained and qualified for the care activity. Afterwards they are put in contact with inquiring parents. Further information can be found at