Studying with disabilities

Studying is challenging enough and for students dealing with certain disabilities advice and support can be important. Student Services Freiburgs social advisor offers counselling and assistance for students with disabilities. He is available during the following office hours.


Further information is available in the studying with disabilities and/or chronic illness brochure. The brochure is available (only in german language) as a download or at the social counsellor’s office.

Student Services Freiburg has equipped and easily accessible dormitory rooms for students with disabilities.

Students with disabilities are eligible for financing when continuing to a consecutive master programme. Disability related costs are provided through equal opportunity assistance. In May 2006, the "Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der überörtlichen Träger der Sozialhilfe" (BAGÜS) (The association for individuals requiring supplementary social assistance) recommended that potential future students with disabilities should receive supplementary financial aid.

The right to obtain equal opportunity supplementary aid, also available for consecutive master programmes, is important for many students with disabilities. It provides additional motivation to achieve career relevant qualifications.

The BAGÜS recommendations do not have any binding legal conditions, they are merely guidelines for a practical implementation to help students with disabilities gain equal opportunity.

The Friedrich-Engisch foundation compensates people born physically disabled and focuses primarily in Freiburg. This one-time assistance is given in emergency situations and varies depending on the disability. Children, young adults and adults are all eligible for this support.