Our insurances and insurance concept

The Studierendenwerk fee, which students pay to the Studierendenwerk, also includes a number of insurances for damages incurred in connection with their studies - on excursions, during internships or in normal university life, for example if the bicycle changes hands outside during the lecture. And a leisure accident insurance mitigates the consequences, if it's a leg fracture.

Our insurance services

Other insurances

health insurance

All students, both Germans and students from abroad, must take out health insurance in Germany in order to be admitted to study. During your studies, there are different ways to have (statutory) health insurance:

  • through family insurance,
  • via a special student health insurance or
  • voluntary health insurance for students.

Especially for foreign students, we recommend a statutory health insurance, because there students up to the age of 30 get a favorable student tariff. In the case of private insurance, the insurance conditions and exclusions must be carefully checked!


Statutory accident insurance

Students are covered under the Social Act ‘SGB VII’. This accident coverage only applies to students who are registered at an accredited University or other tertiary educational facility. This is provided by the state.

Insurance cover is provided:

  • during lectures and seminars
  • revision courses and field trips
  • public libraries
  • in different sports at the University
  • activities of the student body and other university related activities

Accidents that occur on campus or on the direct route between home and university or during university sports must be reported to the University Secretary.