Further extension of the standard period of study by 1 semester due to the ongoing Corona pandemic.

For students who are still receiving BAföG in the summer semester of 2021, the maximum funding period for BAföG has been increased by an additional semester due to the pandemic-related extension of the standard period of study.

However, if your maximum funding period (FHD) ends in August/September 2021, you will need to submit a continuation application in time, as the extension of the FHD, and thus the continuation of funding after reaching the FHD, will only occur after submitting a new application.

If you are in the 4th semester of the current summer semester 2021 and are unable to provide the number of ECTS credits required for the certificate of achievement to be submitted for the winter semester 2021/2022 (form 5) due to the pandemic, it is possible to apply for a corresponding deferral.


Everything is different at the moment… probably also with BAföG!

Submit an update application for BAföG, if there are changes in your or your parents' income! Even if you did not receive any BAföG by now: Make an application! 

Information can be obtained from the the general BAföG consulting services under the phone number 0761/2101-326. You can find the email adress in the info box under general BAföG consultation.