What is BAföG?

BAföG (short for "Bundesausbildungsförderungs-Gesetz") is a type of governmental funding for students. It is a combination of federal grants and interest-free loans. Depending on the income of the parents students receive funds for their studies. The current maximum BAföG-funding-rate is at 934 € per month.

Important information at a glance:

  • up to 934 € per month
  • 50% are free
  • 50% interest-free
  • maximum loan repayment: 10.010 €

If you are unsure whether of not you qualify for a BAföG funding you can find all important information and a first consultation at the SWFR. Our advisers will also provide help filling out an official application.

More BAföG for more students!

New regulation

Starting this winter semester there is more BAföG for more students: Not only the BAföG rates have been increased, but also the parental allowances, so that more students are entitled to BAföG than before. It is always worthwhile to submit an application.

An overview of all improvements and detailed information can be found at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and on the pages of the Deutsches Studentenwerk.

Apply now for BAföG funding at the BAföG office here in Freiburg.

If you have any further questions, the staff of the BAföG-Amtes are happy to help.

Financial aid exceeding regular study period

The maximum BAföG funding period is based on the standard study period which is stipulated in the study and examination regulations for the respective subject.

According to  § 15 Abs. 3 BAföG there are the following exceptions:

  • due to grave reasons such as sickness or desease
  • as a result of participation in legally prescribed bodies and statutory bodies of the universities and the student union
  • as a result of failure to pass the final examination for the first time
  • as a result of a disability, pregnancy or the care and upbringing of a child up to 14 years
  • as a result of caring for a close relative who is at least classified in nursing level 3

Assistance to complete your studies

In addition, certain conditions allow a student to receive assistance beyond the maximum funding period within the framework of the assistance for graduation  (§ 15 Para. 3a BAföG). This funding is provided in the form of an interest-free government loan.

Wording of § 15 Abs. 3a BAföG:

Trainees at higher education institutions who are enrolled in an independent course of study shall be assisted in completing their studies for a maximum of twelve months of educational support, even after the end of the maximum period of support or the period of support in accordance with Paragraph 3 number 1, 3 or 5, if the trainee has been admitted to the final examination within four semesters of that date at the latest and the examination office certifies that he or she can complete the training within the period of assistance in completing his or her studies. If a final examination is not intended, sentence 1 shall apply provided that the trainee submits a confirmation from the training institution that he/she can complete the training within the duration of the final assistance.

Help with graduation can also be provided if no funding has been given beforehand. For modularised degree programmes it is required to complete the training within the maximum funding period of 12 months.

New: Short-term loans for BAföG beneficiaries

NEW: For BAföG recipients who are the first in their family to aim for a university degree additional funding is available through cooperation between the Studierendenwerk and the Arbeiterkind.de initiative. 

Info here