The so-called "program-rooms" or "firm rooms" are fixed room-contingents of the various universities in Freiburg and their study programs (e.g. Erasmus). 

Usually these rooms will be rented to international students for one or two semesters, the maximum are two semesters. The responsible coordinators of the different universities/programs decide about the allocation of these rooms. The leases starts at the beginning of the semester and have a minimum term of six month. A contractual reduction of the rental-period is not possible, but we can prove if a subletting until the end of the contract would an option. 

All our program-rooms are fully furnished. Apartments have an own kitchenette and a private bathroom. All other rooms are single rooms in flat- or floor-shared-communities, where 2 to 16 people live together and share bathroom/s and kitchen. 

In order to make the move-in and the first days in Freiburg as simple as possible, we offer the "off-hour-service" for collecting the keys and also the starter-packages "laundry", in which you will find everything you need. 

When moving out the room must given back to our technical staff in clean condition.


Mr Uwe Divora / Mrs Lara Scheck for the programs of International Office of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität as well as for the study programs of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Academic Year, Colgate

Mrs Sonja Tscherniak for programs of Pädagogischen Hochschule, Evangelische Hochschule and Musikhochschule, Luxemburg, Frankreich-Zentrum