Information about online application

All students, studying on an university associated with us, can apply for a room in our dormitories at each location. It is quiet easy with the online application, but nevertheless there are a couple of things to consider:

At the earliest you can apply online 6 months before your desired moving in date. Once the application form has been completed and sent, you will receive an e-mail with an overview of your application details. The email contains a confirmation link, which needs to be activated as otherwise your data won’t be transmitted.

Your application is valid for a maximum of 6 months. If we haven’t been able to provide you with a room in this period of time, the application will be deactivated. Of course you can reapply.

Please use the “hints” field of the online application form and let us know what is important to you regarding the dormitories i.e. if you are looking for a furnished or unfurnished room, if there is a maximum number of roommates you would not wish to exceed or if there is anything else important to you.

Please consider which of our dormitories are eligible for you and check the respective information of the dormitories. Not all of the dormitories and types of housing suit everyone. 

You will receive a confirmation link by email every 14 days. As long as you follow the instructions on the confirmation link we know that you are still looking for a room. Thus your applications will stay active. You also have the possibility to change some of the parameters of your application such as rental start, rent and the duration of residence.

Duplicate applications won’t increase your chance to receive a room offer from us, as they will be deleted automatically.

You can find all of the universities, associated with us, listed in the online application form. As we usually have more applicants than available rooms we unfortunately can’t consider students from other universities as applicants.

If you want to apply for the dormitories "Händelstraße 20" or “Falkenbergerstraße”, please note the applications details on the homepage of the student self-administration of the dormitory and/or use the "hints" field for a brief personal statement.

We recommend that students, who are already enrolled, apply for a moving in date during the currently running semester. There usually are always rooms available each month that we can rent out.

In the case of applications for a semester that has already begun a valid certificate of enrollment/matriculation needs to be uploaded during the online application. This rule does not apply to students who are just beginning their studies or students who are transferring from a different institution and are applying at the start of a semester (1.3./1.4. or 1.9./1.10.) For these students it is sufficient if a valid enrollment certificate is handed in within 4 weeks of the tenancy agreement being signed.

Provided that we have more applicants than available rooms the allocation of the rooms will always be random. We aim to ensure a socially stable and balanced structure among residents and promote intercultural relations.

We will start allocating the rooms 3 months before the desired moving in date at the earliest. At the beginning of the semester (1.3./1.4. and 1.9./1.10.) we start allocating the rooms 2 months in advance. We show preference (although not exclusively) to students who are beginning their studies or who have transferred to us from other institutions as we wish to make their start with us as easy as possible. This only applies for the allocation of the rooms in Freiburg, but not for Offenburg, Kehl, Villingen-Schwenningen or Furtwangen.

Students with special needs will be given preferential treatment when allocating rooms. This includes those with special housing requirements (like wheelchair-accessible housing or housing for physically handicapped students), student couples with children or students who are single parents.

Provided that you have received a room offer from us that is in accordance with your applications details, your application is considered processed. This means you won’t receive another room offer from us. If the offer does not meet your expectations and if you should reject it, you have the chance to re-apply. Then we recommend you to make your application more specific and carefully re-read the information about the different dormitories.

We suggest that you keep your mobile number and your email address up to date so we can contact you. Please check your spam folder as well from time to time. You can change your personal information easily via the housing portal. Please request a password. Then you can log into it. You can send us messages or damage reports in the portal as well as upload your enrolment certificate or your admission letter.

Applicants that we are unfortunately not able to provide with a room at beginning of the summer- or winter semester, will be notified by us by email in the beginning of March or September. Of course your application will stay active for a maximum of 6 months.

Apartment/ 1-room-flat: An apartment consists of a living-/bedroom with integrated kitchen unit and private shower/toilet. Only residency by one person will be permitted in apartments or 1-room-flats.

Single room in a shared flat/ Single room in floor-sharing communities: You live in your own room, however, you share the communal facilities such as kitchen, shower/toilet with other students. A shared-flat can be defined by a living group between 2 and a maximum of 8 persons. Floor-sharing communities include from 10 to a maximum of 22 people.

Family apartments are exclusively reserved for student couples with or without children or single parents with children. It is not possible for single persons to rent one of the family apartments by themselves. If you are interested in renting one of our family flats, please make note of the name of your partner and if and how many children you have in the “hints” field of the application form. Please be aware that you usually need to hand in a “Wohnberechtigungsschein” before being able to rent one of our family flats.

We offer program rooms for International students in all of our dormitories. In doing so we wish to promote the integration and the cultural exchange among the students and we take into account that international students face a more difficult situation on the private housing market.


Data protection: The data collected is solely for the purpose of the dormitory application. The storage is subject to data protection.