ISIC / Reductions and Discounts

Reductions and Discounts

This includes social activities such as visits to the theatre or the cinmea as well as Freiburg's cultural institutions such as "E-Werk", the "Wallgraben-Theater" or the "Kommunales Kino". The museeums in Freiburg also offer reductions for students. You can also find sportive activities with a small budget.

Via this link (see info-box) you will find a constantly updated list of discounts and reductions for students in Freiburg.

ISIC - International Student Identity Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only card that is recognized worldwide as a pupil or student ID card.

With the ISIC, students receive discounts on flights, transport, leisure activities and much more. The over 10,000 offers are available in over 130 countries.

The card costs € 15 and is valid one year. The card can be purchased online only.