Housing for Help for non-students

Housing for Help for Non-Students

With the "Wohnen für Hilfe" program the Studierendenwerk Freiburg coordinates living together petween students and seniors, families or other interested people since 2002..

With a new cooperation with the social service office ot the city of Freiburg as well as the department of affordable living the programm is now extended. Non-Students like employees, singles, interns, trainees, FSJ-ler an so on will be mediatet to senior housholds in Freiburg.

The Idea!
Seniors needing help with all day chores or need company offer affordable living space. In return, the tenants help with house and garden, on a voluntary basis and  with personalized agreements.

Our contact person for tenants and landlords is Nicole Krauße of our "Housing for Help" program. She manages the consultation and mediation. We gather all lving space offers and give them to interested people to check them our. Consultation and mediation are free of charge and personalized on the need of both parties to find suiting partners for each other. After the mediation the tenants and landlords are the only contract parties. 

Housing partnerships

for seniors in Freiburg

- who habe additional living space,
- who are looking for a housing partner,
- who need assistance with all day living (grocerie shopping, chores, gardening),
- who are looking for company,
- who are interested in social contacts,
- who want something new.

and for people who are 

- searching cheaper and communal living space,
- searching for social engagement,
- open minded and communicative,
- not afraid to help,
- of legal age and not students.

List of landlords

To be able to see our list of landlords, you will need a password.
To get information on the how to please read the housing partnership info in the infobox to the right.

List of Landlords