The star indicates the rating of the Mensa dishes. The scale ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 standing for "very good". Students can submit their ratings directly at the rating terminals in the canteens. This means that your opinion is included in the rating and the number of stars.

The rating terminals allow you to give your opinion after your meal. With a user-friendly touch screen, you can quickly and easily submit a rating. 

This anonymous and quick method of evaluation enables us to receive immediate feedback on our dishes. This gives Studierendenwerk the opportunity to respond to feedback and continuously work on improving the quality of our food. The feedback gives us an insight into your taste preferences and your satisfaction. We can find out whether you liked it by receiving honest feedback and can respond accordingly.

The evaluation appointments also offer other functions. For example, there is also the option to top up the credit on your chip card using Autoload, which makes paying in the canteen even easier and more convenient. 

The terminals for Autoload and assessments are available in the following facilities: