Arranging use of the Digisafe

In the event that you are unable to pick up your room/apartment key during the facility managers‘ office hours, we offer you a key-storage service, whereby the key will be stored in a safe, called a Digisafe. This allows you the flexibility of moving in on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, if your train arrives late or if you are unable to plan your arrival time.

To arrange usage of a Digisafe we require you to book this service at least 3 days before your arrival via the -> housing portal. If you do not yet have access to the housing portal, please request a password, log in and send us a message with the subject/heading “Digisafe” and state the date and an approximate time of arrival. As soon as we can confirm your request, you will receive a Pdf-document containing further information. The necessary safe combination will also be in this document. Please take good care of this file.

The Digisafe is usually found directly next to the facility manager’s office at your dormitory. Please take note of any information there if applicable.

We charge a fee of 15.00 € for this service, that will be directly debited from your bank account together with your first rental payment.