The babysitter exchange is a free service offered by the Studierendenwerk Freiburg. It makes it easier for student or working parents to find supplementary childcare. We arrange one-time or regular care, for example, for appointments, lectures, exams, unforeseen events or the like. The babysitter exchange is not a substitute for regular care in a daycare center, kindergarten or with a childminder.

The Studierendenwerk merely provides an online platform for mediation, the service portal. The contractual partners are the students and the respective employers. In the case of childcare, a contract must be concluded between the parents and the childcare provider. The amount of remuneration is the sole responsibility of the contractual partners. The Studierendenwerk does not make any stipulations regarding rates of remuneration or minimum remuneration and is also not entitled to demand specific rates of remuneration or minimum remuneration from students for accepted assignments. Please check the residence and work permits of foreign babysitters.

Through our exchange, parents can find suitable babysitters at short notice, quickly, easily and tailored to individual needs.

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Information for Parents

You can find our babysitter exchange in our service platform. Further information and tips for employers can be found in the job placement section.

Information for Babysitters

You can find general information about jobbing in our job placement FAQ.