Housing for help

Housing For Help

This is a Student Services program that brings students looking for a room and people looking for tenants together.

On one side: Many elderly people have large apartments, which they would rather not give up for smaller alternatives. Naturally, the large apartments often become too much work for elderly people to manage.
Small chores such as shopping, gardening, taking the rubbish out, general lifting and walking the dog could make the elderly Freiburgers’ lives easier! Families and professionals could also use a little help from time to time.

On the other side: There are many students looking for accommodation in Freiburg who would be willing to carry out small chores. Especially when they can save a bit of money on rent!Why not bring these two groups together?!

Die Vermieterinnen und Vermieter

Many older people live in apartments that are too large, but do not want to give them up. Often they are overburdened by this, whereas even minor assistance would ease their situation enormously, for example shopping, gardening, taking out the garbage cans, carrying up the bubble box, walking the dog, etc., i.e. things for which an assistance service is usually not necessarily called upon.

Families or working people can often use help too: Someone to watch the kids or walk the dog from time to time, take care of the garden, or watch over the house when they're away.

Die Studierenden

In Freiburg, many students are looking for an affordable room and would also be willing to take on smaller auxiliary services for it. Especially if they can also save considerably on the rent.

People who have an extra room (seniors, families or other interested parties) offer a room to a student willing to help out around the apartment. The rooms have a normal rental contact with a reduction in rent in return for chores done by the student.

Important note: The mediation of the housing partnerships takes place continuously throughout the year, so participation is possible at any time. Particularly outside the beginning of the semester, interested parties have a good chance of finding suitable accommodation for Hilfe Unterkunft. Those who apply at the beginning of the semester are also welcome to remain in the placement service, even if they have been accommodated elsewhere in the meantime.

Student Services provide this accommodation service free of charge!


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