Students must re-apply for BAföG every year. The maximum age of applicants is 30, for master degree students 35. Applications can be found at the information desk at the service points in Mensen Rempartstraße, Institutsviertel and Littenweiler or online (more information bellow). 

If you have any questions about the application for further funding our clerks will be happy to help you. You find the responsibilities here.

New: Submit your BAföG application online

BAföG applications can now also be submitted in the Freiburg-Schwarzwald university region on the BAföG Digital portal, which has been set up jointly by the federal and state governments. The link to the portal is in the information box.

The portal is easy to use, as it guides you quickly and simply through all sections of the BAföG application. If any documents are missing, they can be submitted later via the portal.

Parents also have the option of adding their details to the application in a separate area.

Another advantage of the online portal is that students can check the current status in the office at any time after completing the application. The portal also automatically provides feedback if documents are still missing.

The portal is almost completely paperless: With the new identity card or the electronic residence permit, students can sign and send the application digitally. A dedicated hotline and chat are available for technical questions about the digital application process.