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alc: with alcohol, bio: bio - organic, nF: from sustainable fisheries, o: main ingredient of bio-signed component is organic, ri: with beef, sch: with pork, 3: with flavor enhancers, 4: with colouring agent, 5: with antioxidants, 6: with preservatives, 7: sulfured, 8: with phosphates, 9: with sweeteners,
Ei: eggs, Fi: fish, Gl: glutenous grain, GlG: barley, GlR: rye, GlW: wheat, ML: dairy (-product), Sa: sesame, Se: celery, Sf: sulfur dioxide/ sulfite, Sn: mustard, So: soy,

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Mensa Kehl

The mensa of the Studierendenwerk Freiburg is located directly on the campus of the university. Here you have a choice of three different, freshly prepared dishes every day. One of these dishes is always vegetarian or vegan. The cafeteria is barrier-free and has an outdoor area, which invites you to linger during the months of April to September.

There is a feedback terminal in the auditorium, where we are happy if you leave us your feedback on the food.

Cafeteria Kehl

In the same building there is also the cafeteria, which is also equipped barrier-free. Here you have a wide selection of freshly baked rolls, pretzels, various Danish pastries, delicious muffins, donuts, fresh cake slices and warm snacks. In our assortment there are also many vegetarian and vegan products. Sweets and ice cream, and of course a wide selection of hot as well as cold drinks, the cafeteria has to offer. You will also find many BIO products or Fairtrade products in the café. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the cafeteria, Mensa and UniCard, the staff will be happy to help you.

The cafeteria room with coffee, snack and beverage vending machines ist open Mo-Thu from 8.00 am until 2.30 pm, and Fr from 8.00 am until 2 pm.



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