Legal Advice and Mediation

Legal Advice

A lawyer can help you with potential legal issues with a free consultation. However, advice regarding business concerns, proceedings and documents is not available. In cases where additional advice is required, students will be referred to appropriate professional. If students think that they have a legal problem, we urge them to seek advice earlier rather than later before it gets expensive.


  • Please make an appointment! To make an appointment, we need the following details: your full name, a telephone number and the topic on which you need legal advice.
  • Please bring valid student identification! Students must present valid student identification, which is covered by Student Services Freiburg in order to receive legal advice.


Another form of solving problems or conflicts is mediation: Stress with your room-mates? Trouble with colleagues or fellow students? Conflict with your parents or your Partner? And no solution in sight? Studierendenwerk Freiburg offers mediation for students.

Our trained mediator helps you to find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. She supports the involved party from a neutral perspective, facilitating communication and suggesting methods for solving conflicts or problems. This service is available to all students in the Hochschulregion Freiburg.