Psychological Counselling in Freiburg

PBS: Psychothlogical Counselling

Students who experience personal or study related problems should not feel alone! Many students experience difficulties during their studies. Professional advice can help solve these problems. A short conversation can often help clarify a student’s path.

Psychotherapeutic counselling offered by Student Services is the right place to turn for such advice, which is given through one-on-one appointments. Students must make an appointment for one-on-one counselling or turn up during open office hours once a week.

Counselling sessions are also available in English, French, Chinese and Slovenian. All sessions remain confidential.

Sometimes students may feel that a fellow student is experiencing difficulties. It is important to look for certain signs.

The therapeutic team in Freiburg consists of doctors and qualified psychologists with profound psychotherapeutic training:

  • Jürgen Griesser, Facharzt, Head of PBS
  • Almuth Wöhrle, Diplom-Psychologin, stellvertretende Leiterin der PBS
  • Mona Akra, M.A. Psychologin
  • Margarete Dietl, Diplom-Psychologin
  • Lorena Krippeit, Diplom-Psychologin
  • Sebastian Maier, Diplom-Psychologe
  • Mutram Peters, M.Sc. Psychologe
  • Lena Preusche, M.Sc. Psychologin
  • Matic Rozman, Diplom-Psychologe
  • Marina Schmölz, M.Sc. Psychologin
  • Christina Unmüßig, Diplom-Psychologin
  • Vivien Völklin, Diplom-Psychologin

Rosa Meyer, Secretary and Registration
Mrs. Dr. Ying Zhang provides counselling in chinese language


Group photo PBS