Buddy Program

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Our Buddy Program was created for international students, as well as for people who would like to support international students during their first time in Freiburg. They can find a buddy through the Buddy Program or become a buddy to assist the international students especially, but not only, after their arrival in Freiburg and support them with everyday things.

I need a Buddy in Freiburg

Welcome to Freiburg!

When you begin with your study or your semester abroad, you will encounter a new country, a new culture, a foreign language and several bureaucracy. Various questions might go through your mind such as „What kind of paperwork do I have to complete?“, „How can I organize my study or my timetable?“, „Where can I go grocery shopping?“.…

Let Freiburg Buddy help you through the beginning in Freiburg. A smooth start in the new city is also the quick access to a great student life.


I want to be Freiburg Buddy

You want to get international students through their beginning in Freiburg? Direct encounters with other cultures is exactly what you want? You would like to show the sunny side of Freiburg?

Then offer your help to give international students the first orientation in the city. Your support can inspire the student life of your International Buddy.


One more thing…

The Buddy Program does not focus on the language tandem. If you would just like to find a tandem partner, you can join our Tandem Platform [link to the Tandem Platform] or the Facebook group SWFR Tandem [link to the Facebook group of SWFRpe SWFR Tandem].