Other day-care facilities

in Freiburg

day-care facilities in Studentensiedlung am Seepark

Sundgauallee 60 in 79110 Freiburg

For parents in the StuSie who would like a small-scale day care as a form of care for their children, there is an offer: Team Glückskind at Sundgauallee 60 still has places available for children aged one to three years.

Evangelisches Kinderhaus

Bugginger Straße 40, 79114 Freiburg

The Diakonieverein Freiburg-Südwest e.V. has opened a new daycare center for children of students at the EH Freiburg in April 2023. This Kita offers a total of two groups: A group with 10 places for children from 0-3 years, as well as a mixed-age group for 5 children up to 3 years and 10 places from 3-6 years. Evangelisches Kinderhaus Forschungs-KiTa Bugginger Straße 40 79114 Freiburg Facility Management Bärbel Münzer phone: 0761 43 927 Fax: 0761 47 66 665 kinderhaus@diakonie-suedwest.de


Kunzenweg 21, 79117 Freiburg

The in-house facility PH-Campinis is an offer for need-oriented and qualified care for children (2 months to 3 years) of students and employed parents of our university. As Studierendenwerk Freiburg, we provide the rooms and subsidize four childcare places for children under the age of three on a pro-rata basis.

in Offenburg and Furtwangen

mother with her child

Stadtteilzentrum Uffhofen

Espenstraße 1, 77656 Offenburg

Students with children in Offenburg have the option of using childcare close to the university. Upon application, the Studierendenwerk subsidizes the monthly childcare fee for children under the age of three in the amount of the difference between the daycare fees of the Uffhofen district center and the cost of a daycare place in the Studierendenwerk facilities in Freiburg. Only students receive this subsidy from the Studierendenwerk. The basis is an agreement between the university, the Studierendenwerk Freiburg and the city of Offenburg, which provides places for students in its municipal district and family center Uffhofen. For further information, please contact Ms. Litterst at the SWFR Office in Offenburg. (See info box)

Kindergarten Maria Goretti

Lindenstr. 5 · 78120 Furtwangen

95 children are cared for in four groups (sun group, raindrop group, rainbow group and star group) aged three to six. To provide exclusive childcare places for students' children, a childcare center is funded in return in equal parts by the city of Furtwangen, the Studierendenwerk and Furtwangen University. For more information, please contact the Gender & Diversity Department at Furtwangen University. (See infobox)