Student Houses Händelstrasse

The dormitory Händelstrasse is located in the district Herdern. The building with the historically protected bell Tower was used to host railway workers and later as an orphanage. In our days students live in flat-shared communies with 2 to 10 people and in single apartments.

Behind house no. 20 are two new and modern buildings (Händelstrasse 18 A and 18 b).

Practice rooms for musicians, a café, enough area for activities provide the necessary balance. The idyllic location and atmosphere makes this dorm so popular for all students in Freiburg. 

By bike it takes 10 minutes to get into the city center. Tram stop and the train Station "Freiburg-Herdern" are easy to reach by walking distance.

284 rooms in the old buildings
159 rooms in the new buildings

Händelstrasse 18, 18 A, 18 B and 20, 79104 Freiburg

The assignment for the rooms in house no 20 is up to the students themselves. Therefore you have send your application to the student self management via application form house No 20. Parallel to this please also apply on our online application system.

from 296,00 € for a room in flat-sharing communities
from 316,00 € for a single apartment
from 344,00 € for a room in flat-sharing communities in the new building
from 425,00 € for a single apartment in the new building
(rents increase due to gratuated rents)

The rent includes all additional costs, that means electricity, water, heating, garbage and internet fee.

furnished and unfurnished rooms
internet connection (by cable), WLAN router in the room
central washing machine and dryer facilities
bike parking space

Car parking can be hired for 15,00 € monthly.



Direction to dormitory Händelstrasse:

  • You will find the tram stop at the bridge, which crosses the main train station.
  • Take tram no. 5, direction “Hornusstrasse”. Get off at the stop: “Komturplatz”.
  • Go along the “Karlsruher Straße” and then turn left to the “Händelstraße”
  • The student dormitory  “Händelstrasse” is only about 300 meters away.