You have a financial bottleneck at the moment and need support? We have various possibilities to support you in acute, unforeseen and indebted emergencies.

Below we give you an overview of our loans.

There is no legal claim! Supports are granted within the limits of the available funds.

All our support is subsidiary, which means that other financing possibilities have to be checked first.

Contact form financial aid

Personal data
Study address
Details of the study
How did your current situation come about?
Information on marital status
Details on financing your studies
Monthly fixed costs
How have you financed your studies so far?
Terms and conditions

Only for students of the University of Freiburg

Passing on contact details to the responsible persons at the University of Freiburg.

The funds for emergency student aid have been raised through donations from Alumni and the Verband der Freunde. In order to inform donors, but also to raise further funds, the University would like to create a pool of supported students who can make themselves available as testimonials if needed - by reporting on how support from the emergency fund has affected their situation and what positive consequences have resulted.