Social Counselling

The social advisor Barbara Toth is the contact person for students with children, for international students and for students with disabilities. Consultation hours of the social counselling service are Tuesday from 9.00-12.00 pm and Thursday from 1.30 - 4.00 pm and by appointment. The contact details of Barbara Toth can be found on the right.

Our social counsellor will answer your questions concerning social insurance, child care, insurances, unemployment benefits, social assistance, students with disabilities or chronic diseases. In addition, our social counsellor knows contact details of other counselling services and important authority contacts.


health insurance

All students, both Germans and students from abroad, must have a health insurance in Germany in order to be admitted to study. During your studies, there are different ways to have (statutory) health insurance:

  • through family insurance,
  • via a special student health insurance or
  • voluntary health insurance for students.

Especially for foreign students, we recommend a statutory health insurance, because there students up to the age of 30 get a favorable student tariff. In the case of private insurance, the insurance conditions and exclusions must be carefully checked!