Load up

Loading credit onto your card

Before being able to buy food at the cafeterias you need to load credit onto your chip card or MensaCard. This can be done three ways:

1. Autoload
2. At a top-up point
3. At a service point

To pay for your food/drink simply place your card on the card-reader. The total price will show up on the display. You can check how much credit is remaining on your card online (when using Autoload), at a top-up point or at a service point.

Autoload - always enough money on your card

The Autoload Service enables you to load money onto your card at the till. If when paying you realise your card balance falls short of the requested payment, you can directly top up the card with a pre-arranged amount at the till – without cash or an EC Card.

More information about Autoload can be found here.

By the way: All new Autoload members receive a one-time bonus of €5.00!

Top-up points

You can load credit onto your chip card or MensaCard at a top-up machine with your bank card.

It works like this:

1. Insert your chip card or MensaCard
2. Choose an amount (min. 10 Euros)
3. Insert your bank card, then remove it.
4. Print receipt, if wanted, and remove chip card or MensaCard.

The amount will be debited from your bank account and credited to your card.

Service Point

You can top-up your card with cash at any service point (min. 10 Euros).

Loading locations

Locations Loading Machine with EC-Card Human for Cash Human for EC-Card
Mensa Rempartstraße 5 1 1
Mensa Institutsviertel 3 2 2
Mensa Flugplatz 1 1 1
Mensa Littenweiler 3 1 1
Littenweiler Bibliothek 1 - -
Musikhochschule 1 1 1
UB 1 1 1
Café Europa 1 1 1
Café Senkrecht - 1 1
Infoladen Schreiberstraße - 1 1
Evangelische Hochschule - - 1
Karholische Hochschule 1 - 1
Wohnheim Berliner Allee 1 - -
Wohnheim Studentensiedlung 1 - -
Angell Schule 1 1 1
Mensa und HS Kehl 2 1 -
Mensa und HS Furtwangen 3 1 1
HS Furtwangen/Tuttlingen 1 - -
HS Furtwangen/Schwenningen 1 - -
Mensa und DH VS-Schwenningen 2 1 2