Franco-German Photography Contest: Engagement

Starting from 15th November 2019 we will have the road show from the Franco-German Photogrphy Contest with the theme "Engagement". The exhibition can be found at the Infoladen of the Studierendenwerk in the Basler Straße 2. 

A binational jury chose the winners of this contest.
Students from both countries have applied with their photography at their Student Service Centers: 17 Student Service Centers, 18 Crous, DFJW and DSW.
The jury chose from over 90 photos. These were the most important criteria:

  • relevance of the theme
  • creative use of the theme
  • overcoming clichés, old way of thoughts and prejudices
  • technical handling

The three winners of the contest were*:

I. Price:  Lina Sommer, STW Würzburg:  Winterdienst / Service d’hiver - 1.000 €
II. Price: Magalie Herter-Courbon, STW Würzburg: Der Halt / L’appui - 500 €
III. Special honors for the Franoc-German friendship: Julie Tabary, Crous Poitiers: Un amour consommée / Konsumierte Liebe

In addition, the binational jury has selected a further 19 photos to be exhibited during the 2018/2019 road show.

The Franco-German Photography Contest was held for the forth time, in the year 2019 under the theme "Engagement" and is organized from the German Student Service Center in cooperation with the French Crous and supported from the Franco-German Youth Foundation.

* The photos were chosen without disclosing the photographers names, nationalities and places of living.

Past Exhibitions

In May 2019 we show the touring exhibition of the Franco-German Photo Competition on the theme of "Openness". The exhibition was shown in the bistro of the Mensa Rempartstraße.

More than 150 photos were submitted for the third edition of the competition. 12 Studenten- und Studierendenwerke and 16 Crous took part in the photo competition and made a preselection of 149 photos, which were presented to the binational jury.

The winners:

- 1st prize (1000€): " Berlin Est (2013) " (East Berlin 2013): Thaddeus Christandl (Crous de Créteil)
- 2nd prize (divided): 250 € " Through the world": Stéphanie Bichut (Crous d'Amiens) and
                                         250 € " Renaissance de l'ouverture d'esprit ": Nina Nordheim (Crous de Lyon)
- Mention spéciale: "Talk": Christoph Hellerich (Freiburg Student Union)

In addition, the binational jury has selected a further 21 photos to be exhibited during the 2018/2019 mural.

The Deutsche Studentenwerk (DSW, head organization of the Studentenwerke) asked design and art students in their 31st poster contest to create a poster that shows the University as the students "natural habitat".

381 students took part. The winning designs are shown in an Exhibition that tours around Germany.

In Freiburg, the exhibition is shown from November 2nd to 20th in the Mensa Rempartstraße Bistro.

The exhibition can be seen in the Mensa Bistro in the Mensa Rempartstraße in Freiburg in June 2018 daily between 11.30am and 2pm!

For the second German-Franco Photography Contest more than 150 students send in their photo under the theme "Contacts". 12 Stundent Service Centers and 16 Crous took part in the Contest and the first selection of the photos, they selected 106 photos which were given to the binational jury. On Friday, 14th of April 2017 this jury whose three winning pictures in Paris:

  • 1. Price: « Envoûtant » (Betörend) : Emmanuel MILLET-DELPECH (Crous Montpellier)
  • 2. Price : « Rhein-e- Liebe » (Amour du Rhin / Vrai Amour) : Jan-Robert WEIST (Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz)
  • Special honors:  «Einfache Dinge schaffen Konsens“ - (Des choses simples font l'unité) : Michael Suhendra (Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg)

These three photos will we exhibitioned on a road show in the Student Service centers and Crous, togther with 22 other specially chosen photos. 


The life at German universities is colorful, lively and diverse. This exhibition is showing this diversity in the exhibition "Diversity? Yeas please!" with posters from students from all over Germany. This road show can be found in the Bistro of the Mensa rempartstraße from 21st of April till 7th of May.

Spiderman and Donald Duck, Batman and Popeye, Homer Simpson and Mickey Mouse walk “Hand in Hand for Diversity”. With this poster series, graphical design student Nam Do Hoai from Düsseldorf the 28th poster contest of the Deutsche Studentenwerk (DSW).

A selection of 30 posters, including the winner, is touring through the Student Service Centers of Germany. From 21st of April till 7th of May this road show can be seen in the Bistro of the mensa Rempartstraße here in Freiburg. Entry is free!

All in all 296 design students from 24 universities in Germany took part in the contest. They submitted 442 posters. A jury chose the winners with 500€ prices for three 3rd places, 1000€ for two 2nd places and 2000€ for one first place, in total 5.500€.

Theme of this contest was the thriving diversity at German universities. This diversity includes all different groups of students; for example international students, students with children, students with chronical diseases or disabilities. The design students were invited to submit positive, funny, surprising and deep posters to this "Diversity" theme. 

Opening hours of the exhibition:
21.04.2015 bis 7.05.2015
Mo-Fr 11.30 – 14.00 Uhr, Sa 11.30 – 13.30 Uhr
Mensa Rempartstraße
Rempartstraße 18
79098 Freiburg

the travelling armchair...

From 30th of Oktober till 12th of Dezember 2014 the SWFR presents pictures of Stefan Sirtl at the MensaBistro.

SIENTATE means wanderlust, foreign countries, different cultures, people and their stories. And it means “sit down” in Spanish. Stefan Sirtl is showing all of this in his photography from travels all over the world This means traveling on a low budget, on foot with a backpack or on a bike. With him his camera and La Silla, a red chair found on the streets. 

You can see picutres from Middle America, Asia and pictures from the SWFR at the MensaPavillon. 

The exhibition will taka place on 30th of Oktober at 8.30pm in the MensaBar:

"Abgefahrene Geschichten von reisenden Sesseln aus Mittelamerika und Asien, eine farbenfrohe Ausstellungseröffnung und impro-jazzige Neun-Zehntel-Takte von Khandroma - ein Abend im Zeichen der Freiburger Kunst!" (Stefan Sirtl)