Student House Falkenbergerstrasse

Falkenbergerstraße – the former evangelical dorm is in the property of the Studierendenwerk since April 2017 and is now called "Studentenhaus Falkenbergerstraße". The dorm has ist own character and charm. In the 5 floor-sharing communities with 22 people each, great importance is attached to solidarity and the community and this will be lived out there. In autumn 2022 four more floor-sharing communities with 11 and 10 people complete the building. Numerous leisure time activities offer the possibility to engage and to be a part of it. Since end of 2019 we also provide 4 single rooms in a small flat shared community in a adjoining building with garden and patio.

By bike it takes about 10-15 minutes to the City centre, by tram you Need also about 10 minutes.

156 rooms 

Falkenbergerstraße 20, 79110 Freiburg

from 279,00 € for a single room in a floor-sharing community
(rents increasing due to graduated rents)

The rent includes all additional costs, that means electricity, water, heating, garbage and internet fee.

furnished rooms in 22, 11 or 10 floor-sharing communities
furnished rooms in one floor-shared community with garden and patio
internet connection, WLAN router in the room
each floor has 2 kitchens with stove, oven and fridge
each floor has 4 toilets and showers
big common room per floor
central washing machine and dryer facilities
bike parking space
car parking



Direction to the dormitory Falkenbergerstraße:

  • You will find a tram stop on the bridge, which crosses the main train station.
  • Take tram no. 4, direction “Messe”. Get off at the stop: “ Elsässer Straße”.
  • From there you can walk within 10 minutes to the dorm. Or you take the bus line 36 directing Landwasser.
  • The dorm is directly across from the bus stop Falkenbergerstraße.