Student House Schramberger Straße 30/1

The new building Schrambergerstraße 30/1 is being constructed in the immediate vicinity of the Duale Hochschule building and is located in direct proximity to our dormitory at Schrambergerstraße 28-30. Since autumn 2020, we are offering a total of 98 new and modernly furnished rooms in small shared flats for 2 - 4 people as well as comfortable single apartments. The single rooms are about 15 sm and the single apartments are spacious with 21 sm.

The accommodation is approximately 20 minutes by foot and 5 minutes by bike from the students restaurant. 

All students at DH BW Villingen-Schwenningen have the opportunity to propose a suitable person to rent accommodation for their absence during the practical phase.

Please note the current notice periods of your tenancy agreement.

98 rooms

Schramberger Straße 30/1, 78054 Schwenningen

from 352,00 € for a single room in a flat shared community
from 455,00 € for a single apartment
(rental prices will be increased according to the scale rental agreement)

The rental price includes all additional costs. That means electricity, water, heating, garbage and internet fee.

furnished rooms with bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, table, chair and sink
internet connection (WLAN-Router in the room)
built-in kitchen with cooking plates, ovens, fridge
central washing machine and dryer facilities in the neightbor house No. 28 - 30
bike parking space
car parking can be hired from 15,00 € monthly



Direction to the dormitories in Schramberger Strasse:

  • Arrival at train station Villingen or train station Schwenningen.
  • Continue with connecting bus to Schwenningen bus station (line 1 or 2)
  • At Schwenningen bus station take bus no 36 heading to "Obereschach" as far as station "Weilersbacherstrasse"
  • Turn left into "Schramberger Strasse". After approximately 200 m you will arrive at the dormitories in Schramberger Strasse no 28 - 30 and 30/1