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Additives labelling
alc: with alcohol, bio: bio - organic, nF: from sustainable fisheries, o: main ingredient of bio-signed component is organic, ri: with beef, sch: with pork, 3: with flavor enhancers, 4: with colouring agent, 5: with antioxidants, 6: with preservatives, 7: sulfured, 8: with phosphates, 9: with sweeteners, 18: containing a source of phenylalanine,
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Ei: eggs, Er: peanut, Fi: fish, Gl: glutenous grain, GlD: spelt, GlG: barley, GlH: oat, GlR: rye, GlW: wheat, Kr: crustacean, ML: dairy (-product), NH: hazelnut, NM: almond, NW: walnut, Nu: edible nuts, Sa: sesame, Se: celery, Sf: sulfur dioxide/ sulfite, Sn: mustard, So: soy, We: mollusks,

The information on the substances contained in the dishes is based on recipes, single ingredients and on the information we receive from the manufacturers and suppliers of the individual ingredients. Because the manufacturers rarely make and sell only one product, it is never possible to rule out entirely that the products also contain traces of ingredients which are not listed.

Foods in canteen kitchens are also processed and prepared manually, which means that accidental cross-contamination and the associated transfer of small quantities of substances that cause allergies and intolerances can occur between the different components of the dishes. These small traces are not considered.

For this reason, allergy sufferers must be aware that the dishes on offer can contain other allergenic ingredients in addition to those which are declared. Studierendenwerk Freiburg therefore accepts no liability whatsoever relating to components that are not part of the recipe.

Concerning the weekly menu please note: ingredients may change until the mentioned day. Correctness is only ensured on the daily menu.

Mensa Institutsviertel

The Mensa Institutsviertel is located in the middle of the natural sciences campus, in the north-eastern part of Freiburg. It offers a varied range of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes. In addition to four different plate dishes, there is a large self-service area with a salad bar, a front cooking area where the dishes are prepared in front of the guests and a buffet (Thursday is pizza day: all pizzas - topped with your choice of toppings - are also available to take away). 
Freshly squeezed orange juice, milkshakes, iced coffee and iced chocolate, ice cream, fresh fruit in cups and pasta from Monday to Wednesday are available at the special offer counter. 

Idyllically situated by a small stream, the outdoor area is ideal for spending the lunch break "in the green" in summer.

On the ground floor of the canteen there is a counter with a service point and a "lounge area" with sofas where you can just sit.

Info on accessibility

  • Lift
  • Transport aid for trays
  • Height adjustable table
  • Microwave