Allergies and intolerances

  • Allergens and additives requiring declaration are marked on the menu. However, please refer to the notes on trace and cross-contamination (listed below).
  • Students with allergies, please contact the dining hall staff directly for ingredient details prior to eating.
  • Students who are dependent on special, more expensive food for health reasons may be able to apply for an additional needs supplement through the Job Center. For more information, please contact our social counseling service (see box on the right).

Allergen labeling in the menu

The information on the ingredients of the dishes is based on recipes, individual ingredients and the information we receive from the manufacturers and suppliers of the individual food ingredients. Since manufacturers rarely produce and distribute only one product, it can never be completely ruled out that proportions of unlisted ingredients are also contained in the products.

Furthermore, the artisanal processing and handling of food in commercial kitchens means that unintentional mixing can occur when the various food components are brought together (cross-contamination). These traces are not taken into account in the labeling.

For this reason, allergy sufferers must be aware that the meals offered may contain other allergy-causing ingredients in addition to those labeled. The Studierendenwerk Freiburg therefore excludes any liability due to non-recipe ingredients in the meals.

Please take note of the weekly menu: Allergen labeling may change until the day of serving, accuracy is only guaranteed in the current daily schedule.