We have many different types of locations available for your event. Here you can find an overview of all our locations.

Haus zur Lieben Hand

The "Haus zur Lieben Hand“ has always been a special meeting place in the heart of Freiburg. For a while, it served as a quarters for the workers union. In 1938 they opened their doors to a welcoming public. Since 1990 the location has been a meeting point for all university affiliates. The new concept has proven that the “Casino” is the perfect non-obligatory meeting place for professors, students and guests of the university. In a totally relaxed atmosphere, one is able to share ideas while more of less still being on campus.

Catering is available in the “Casino”, the courtyard including its entryway, and with special arrangement the foyer on the second floor.


The “Peterhof” features 16th century vaulted ceilings and is one of the oldest buildings maintained by the university. In 2004 the university totally restored the cellar to what it is today. The “Peterhofkeller” is a multifunctional place for all types of events, such as: Festive occasions, reception, banquet, concerts and space for culture.

The large size of the 270 m² room is underscored by the modern lighting.

The old broken stone vaulting, new slate floor and modern concrete, create the unique character found in the “Peterhofkeller”.
A 16 m² stage offers enough room for theatre, musical performance and readings. 


200 person maximum for standing events

170 person maximum for rowed seating

120 person maximum for banquets


Atmospheric lighting

Heating and fresh air

Small kitchen with 2 restraunt coolers, sink and small bar

Stage including PA system

Final clean up of areas including restrooms