Housing benefit

Housing benefits are not usually given because students have the possibility to get BAföG. It is irrelevant whether a student has applied for BAföG or not.


If one family member from one household is not eligible for BAföG, then housing assistance could be provided. Student parents raising a child are not eligible for housing benefits as they are entitled to BAföG. However, a loophole suggests that because the child is not a student, housing benefits should be provided. 


In the following exceptions to the rules mentioned above, student could be eligible for housing benefit:


  • If a study programme does not qualify for BAföG
  • If foreign students do not qualify for BAföG
  • If students are too old for BAföG
  • If students cancel or change course of study without reason
  • If conditions for funding further education are not available.
  • If length of study exceeds the permitted period of BAföG.
  • If the training was not carried out within the geographical restrictions of BAföG (outside of German boarders)


Students that receive BAföG but find that it is not enough to cover rent, can apply for rent subsidy.


Legitimate students that live in Freiburg can apply for Housing Benefits at the ‘Amt für Liegenschaften und Wohnungswesen’ (Housing and Residence Office).