MONDO Music Theater

Performer of Mondo on the stage of the MensaBar

Mondo Music Theater: New production 2023/24

Rehearsals for the new production are underway

Since the beginning of May, a newly casted ensemle of 30 is rehearsing for the new production of Mondo Musiktheater abot the 1970s.

Thema der neuen Produktion sind die 1970er Jahre: what moved students in this decade, what topics occupied them, what was going on politically in Freiburg and the world and, of course, what music and fashion were popular in the seventies? The performances will take place in January and February 2024 at the MensaBar Rempartstraße.

The Mondo Music Theater
The Mondo Musical Group (as it was called then) was founded in 2007 on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the University of Freiburg. Under the direction of theater director Jesse Coston and the musical direction of Dominik Hormuth, 30 students presented the brilliant revue "The Show" on a large open-air stage in the university courtyard. The success was huge and since then MONDO has been thrilling Freiburg audiences with a changing student ensemble and new productions every year.

Under the direction of director Stephanie Heine, the participating students receive professional instruction in acting, dance and singing and actively shape the creative process - from an initial play idea to the finished stage production. They contribute their own ideas and perspectives, write dialogues, select musical pieces and design the stage set. This is how musical theater with a local and student connection is created, authentic, young and real.

Around 1800 spectators see the annual performances in the MensaBar. Imaginatively staged, they always come across as original and witty, fresh and cheeky, bubbling over with playfulness and at an astonishingly high level of singing and dancing. The shows are accompanied live by the MONDO Musical Band, which plays newly arranged hits from rock, pop and musicals as well as melodies composed especially for the play.

Previous MONDO productions: 
The Show (2007), Footloose (2008), Company (2009), One Night in Schwarzwald (2010), The Rhythm Of Life (2011), "Best-of Mondo" for the fifth anniversary (2012), ENDLICH FREIburg! (2014), ENDLICH FREIburg - RELOADED! (2015), Hinterwald (2017), Café Europa (2018), Die WG (2019), Freiburg liegt am Meer (2020) and CRASH...BANG...BOOM!!! (2021 & 2022)

Information on all previous Mondo productions can be found in the archive on this page.