Mehr BAföG für mehr Studierende! Ab August tritt die BAföG-Reform in Kraft

Ab kommendem Wintersemester gibt es mehr BAföG für mehr Studierende: Nicht nur die BAföG-Sätze wurden erhöht, sondern auch die Elternfreibeträge, so dass mehr Studierende als bisher BAföG-berechtigt sind. Es lohnt sich in jedem Fall, einen Antrag zu stellen.

Eine Übersicht über alle Verbesserungen und ausführliche Informationen gibt es beim Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und auf den Seiten des Deutschen Studentenwerks.

Bei weiteren Fragen stehen die Mitarbeiter/innen des BAföG-Amtes gerne zur Verfügung.

Mehr BAföG für mehr Studierende


Students must re-apply for BAföG every year. The maximum age of applicants is thirty. Applications can be found at the information desk at the service points in Mensen Rempartstraße, Institutsviertel and Littenweiler or online.

Antrag ausfüllen: Eine Videoanleitung Schritt für Schritt

Please use the online application from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden-Württemberg

Please see the link below to fill in and print out the BAföG online application form. The online application can also be filled out by the students' parent, spouse or life partner. You will be guided through the various steps of the online application form. Once you have filled out the application form, please forward it to the respective BAföG office. You can send your application to the BAföG office by post, De-Mail or possibly via a virtual inbox. The office is responsible for processing your application.


Step 1: Fill in the online application:

  • Open the website for the online application
  • Carefully fill in the necessary sections
  • The validity check ensures that you haven’t forgotten any information
  • You can save the application as a draft at any point and continue to work on it later
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and Private Policy of the application service

Step 2: Send the online application

After you have filled in the necessary sections, you can either print off and send the application to the BAföG office by post, or send the application electronically by De-Mail to the BAföG office. You will need your own De-Mail account in order to do this.

If you would like to hand in your application in person or by post, please print out the application after you have filled it in.

  •  Sign the application
  • Please enclose the application and all other documents provided by the Programme
  • Hand in the application at the BAföG office or Infoladen
  • Or send the application to the BAföG office by post

Online application by email:

Alternatively you can send us your BAföG electronically by email without a signature. You will need your own De-Mail account in order to do this. Send the De-Mail with confirmation of its dispatch (Registration with ‘high’ authentification level and/or ‘private/personal’)

  • Save the filled in application as a PDF document
  • Upload the online application as an email attachment
  • Attach all other documents provided by the Programme
  • Send the De-Mail to bafoeg(at)   

De-Mail encrypts, protects and sends verified electronic messages. It is as easy as sending an email. In contrast, it is possible with De-Mail to verify the identity of communication partners, as well as the dispatch and receipt of De-Mails with absolute certainty.

The contents of a De-Mail cannot be read or changed once it has been sent. Saved application procedures and connections to De-Mail service providers take care of the encrypted transportation path between the De-Mail providers for a secure dispatch and receipt.