With ‘Studitours’ university students in Freiburg can travel affordably and have the chance to meet new people. The journeys are organised by Student Services Freiburg staff who participate as guides and know all of the best spots and pubs.
Travel from the most beautiful cities of Europe to the highest summits of the Alps or through the wildest gullies of the Black Forest with likeminded students from all over the world!

Please note: ‘Studitours’ is a non-commercial offer from Student Services Freiburg.

Photos and experiences from trips can be published or looked at on facebook. Our archives are published in a blog.

Here are three more tips:

  1. Sometimes there will be alterations to our programme. Current information can be found here on the website, on our Facebook profile or in our monthly newsletter.
  2. Members of the International Club receive discounts off many trips. The Club card can be purchased from Student Services Freiburg at the information desk for only 2 € and is valid for a whole semester.
  3. Culture in Alsace – inexpensive ‘Kulturpass’ to discover Alsace



Schloss Neuschwanstein und romantisches Füssen mit "Hohem Schloss" - auf den Spuren des bayrischen Märchenkönigs Ludwig II.

ACHTUNG! Die Fahrt ist ausgebucht. Wir werden eine zweite Fahrt am Sa 12.01.2019 anbieten! Bitte melden Sie sich für die Fahrt am 12.01.2019 an.

06:10 Uhr - 22:00 Uhr | 53,00 € / 58,00 € |


Herzogenhorn - Wanderung auf den zweithöchsten Schwarzwaldberg mit herrlicher Aussicht

Aussichtsreiche Wanderung vom Feldberg über das Herzogenhorn zum Hasenhorn und spektukulärer Abschluss

08:50 Uhr - 17:48 Uhr | 8,00 € / 9,00 € |